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15 February, 2004

drivers license, religions, debate

Last year, Lorraine brought us something quite interesting, Drivers License Photo Dispute. It was a court case of a woman who refulsed to have her driver's license to show her face because of religious reasons. She even wanted to drive with a solid black coloured veil, revealing only her eyes. Which would make her completely unidentifiable, I have to add. The thread soon became a nice debating topic. Then, it went from one topic to another.

So the Egyptian Muslims Protest Proposed French Headscarf Ban news from Google today. What the?
Muslims are complaining again?
I would just add. Schools are not for religions. And don't cover up yourself completely in western countries.

[A 17-year-old Marwa Mohamed Aly] says wearing the veil is required by her religion, and there is no discussing it. She says banning it, or taking it off is just out of the question.

"Just out of the question" What? Just like there's no gays according to Muslim?

I guess I might start a new thread based on this issue.

France's proposed ban on what it calls conspicuous religious symbols in state schools, such as Islamic headscarves, is causing concern among Muslims well beyond France's borders. In Egypt, some Muslims say the ban, which was approved by the French National Assembly this week, is an aggressive Western attack on Islam. Students are staging demonstrations and members of the community are speaking out, in a show of solidarity with France's Muslim community.

Teenage girls at Cairo's Gamal Abdel Nasser High School were paying attention this week when France's National Assembly passed the bill that paves the way for a ban on Muslim headscarves in state schools.

At this school, nearly all the girls wear a headscarf, called a hijab, which covers their hair, and they say they do so because it is part of their religious faith.

But while hundreds of students protested the French ban at Cairo and at Alexandria Universities this week, 17-year-old Marwa Mohamed Aly says she and her friends at the high school have not discussed the French government's move, for one simple reason.

She says wearing the veil is required by her religion, and there is no discussing it. She says banning it, or taking it off is just out of the question.

For full story: Egyptian Muslims Protest Proposed French Headscarf Ban (, Kerry Sheridan, Cairo, 14 Feb 2004)

Posted by Antony on 15 February 2004 8:00 PM |

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I stumbled upon this page thru google. Not what I'm looking for, but since I read a bit. I would just like to say that you have some SERIOUS misconceptions about Islam and Muslims. I won't bother to type more.

Posted by Elyoosha on 26 August 2005 5:29 AM.
Good we won't have to read a load of islamic shite then you dumb rag.
Posted by pissed off pom on 21 October 2006 9:41 PM.
islam is the prettiest religion on this planet maybe if you ignorant, naive people actually take time to learn about it rather than get influenced by media all of you will realize how stupid you are. nuns cover for modesty, islamic girls cover for modesty. even in the bible it states a woman should cover her head in corithians. the difference between us muslims and you christians or what you believe is that we love God so much we take time to actually read and follow while you christians read and dont absorb anything gotta read between the lines and you'll all realize that the bible says the same thing as the Quran and that islam is the true religion because a prophet came after jesus and the bible stated that he will come...
Posted by on 28 March 2007 1:25 AM.
If your 555 then islam is 666, if your 555 islam is 666, if your 555 islam is 666.
Islam is a satanic religion. MUSLIMS ARE GAY.
Posted by 515 on 28 March 2007 5:09 PM.
To the anon muslim prick, FUCK ISLAM, FUCK YOUR PROPHET, FUCK EVERYTHING THE MUSLIMS STANDS, AND FUCK YOUR KORAN. You can take the koran, and flush it straight down the toilet. Your "prophet" was a child molestor. YOU MUSLIMS ARE COCKSUCKERS. I am denigrating your religion, now what are you going to do about it?
You muslims spend too much time praying to your "satan".
Good thing I am an atheist, I don't believe in God/satan. ISLAM IS FULL OF SHIT, GET THAT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULL YOU MUSLIM WANKER.
I am an atheist and proud, I am proud to be an "infidel", the muslims are the scum of the earth.
Posted by Chris on 29 March 2007 12:03 AM.
Islam Totally sucks. The wife beating, drug dealing,
child molesting muslims should all be arrested in the dark of the night and deported. Thats what we do with them in the good old USA. I am sick of all their crimes. Muslim stands for murderer in my book. May the prophet mohammed suck shit in HELL.
Posted by Martin on 3 July 2007 8:21 PM.
Oh great one - NOT. May the Prophet Mohammed SUCK SHIT THROUGH A COLAPSABLE
PAPER STRAW. May the prophet mohammed suck shit in HELL.
Posted by Martin on 3 July 2007 8:25 PM.
seriously, we should not be debating this issue so much. Most religions have a symbol of sorts. We Christians have our crosses which we wear symbolically as a reminder. Jewish men have their yamakas, muslim have their head dress also. Because there would be no other way to truly identify a person whose face is fully covered, the woman with that issue should be required to take off her headdress for her photo but that is a matter of safety. Just the same, she should be allowed to wear her headdress while driving if she can come up with a way of eliminating hazard with larger eye holes or something fitted that moves with her head so there is no obstruction. And of course, if pulled over, this woman should be required to reveal her face for the purpose of identity and allowed to replace her headdress as required by her religion. As far as the head scarves that do not cover the face, there is no reason why that should be banned. People wear wigs, change their hair colour, wear extensions, and yes, head scarves on bad hair days. Why should it be an issue more than the yamaka? In today's world we have bigger issues to battle than what people choose to wear for religious or personal reasons for that matter.
Posted by Another human on 21 November 2007 12:00 PM.
it's not good to impose ur religion. specially when that religion comes from poor, savage nations they may have some rich people but the vast majority is poor, even if they were rich i'll never agree (hitting your head with a machete or eating with ur bear hands)
Posted by antonio diaz on 16 February 2008 7:00 AM.
thats right let muslims speak 'hate anger vile and lies' but we non believers Must not so Boo
Posted by on 22 March 2009 9:45 AM.
When you take an x-ray or MRI you need to take off jewelry, including your cross or star of David, refuse and no MRI. Wearing the hijab is not in the Quran, it was ordered by Mohammed (PNBUH). You immigrate into a non muslim country you abide by the rules and regulations of that country, It's that simple. The sooner our polticians understand that and don't put up with any BS from any religious denomination the better.
And to the muslims that may be reading this, yes I have read the Quran and all I can say is that it is the most convoluted and non descriptive text I have ever read. Therin lies the problem, and don't even think about introducing Sharia Law. It may have been good for Mohammed and his goons 1400 years ago but it has no place in the modern world!
There is no place in any country anywhere in the world to have a religious dominated political system!
Posted by MDTM on 18 August 2010 8:12 AM.
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