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January, 2004

Happy New Year
hours of conversation with mobile carriers
AntBlog701 is now at
Scientific WorkPlace lost my pictures
Lord of The Rings
Microsoft has admitted it took things too seriously after bad publicity
Your name is Mike Rowe, you can't call your website, says Microsoft
MikeRoweSoft is now MikeRoweForums
world's richest refugee - billionaire
Introducing AntGallery701

February, 2004

buying a Mac laptop to run Win apps?
the perfect job every kids dream
another update this patch that time from Microsoft
I got two nuts customised!
Ken and Barbie to split?
twas all John Kerry's fault?
drivers license, religions, debate
Sydney riot last night
looking for permanent hair removal?
asylum seekers come to Australia, Aussies flee to US
Microsoft targets ISPs
two's better than one, part 2
a queer ire for the garbage guys
best domain in town
police stop Michael Jackson at Wal-Mart
Windows-less laptop from Dick Smith

March, 2004

The Return of the King rules them all
extreme makeover on Lenin
it's wise to carry a spare battery
another Sony Ericsson
racist NSW police
rain and Mardi Gras
received free Windows CD
I got my dedicated
Google is the first option, not encyclopedia
building the new server
FreeBSD on Mac
Antony has books
unethical - Microsoft Office to govt. workers
Jaguar on Jaguar
new server's email fixed
all Google's fault
Steve Irwin still refuses to apologise
how to type accented characters
iPod was the culprit and weapon
I locked myself out
FreeBSD on Mac, X11 running
extra hour today
FreeBSD on Mac, speeding up
spam accounts in forums

April, 2004

free security CD from MS
Japan, Korea and China on new Linux
Panther now
do I sound like infomercial? fighting with spammers
Mandrake 10.0 on Mac
I bought a new Mac today
it arrived today
a good machine to run Virtual PC
it's super fast
re-arrange my room for the new Mac
two's better than one, part 3
Shakespeare did not write his plays?
the 20in has arrived
special ANZAC theme
me being stubborn?
that darn kerb
my G4 has 2GB RAM now!
RealOne for BBC Radio, for everything else, there's iTunes.
I am a hypocrite?

May, 2004

ChrisI has the credit?
the story so far...
presenting PowerBook 12"
that's how we communicate
another Logitech mouse
re-wiring day
need accurate weather reports? ask Robert Rizzo
cleaning (out) my closet
put ChrisI and credit issues to an end
HerbalLife presentations, don't listen to those scams
fold your T-shirt in two seconds

June, 2004

Harry Potter 3 - not for kids
headline today
new GuruNet
sneak preview of new Mac section
Message Centre is now even better
new Mac section renamed
Steve Irwin - you've done it again!
bored, a photo of Sydney Opera House
exciting news
best news in town
bomb threat
iTMS gift certificate!
Apple Centre Warringah Mall
the day trip

July, 2004

no new entries?
Peter Parker II
Police = liar?
Thorpedo beaten!
Queen pays tribute to Diana, finally
I'm outdated
phishing websites? Fake websites
Still waiting for the Express
another credit thief email
Antony does not have an iPod
I got my Expresses today
Monster has arrived

August, 2004

sometimes, you don't want to receive emails
only AU$1000 to punch a cop
a package not for me
iPod is quite big actually
Chris Ilias is not happy
where do you download Netscape 7.2 from?
falling in love with Mac
this is how it works

September, 2004

this is how it works, part 2
now, in da club
Antony Desktop in Action, Part 3
no snow in Sydney
John Farnham = liar
my Mac can see now!
internet connection and email
I like iTunes
say hey
the proliferation of Mac screenshots ...
Thorpedo sports drink and he's not gay
Macaulay Culkin jailed
Lazar was here
Presenting Mr Hojin Park
in the mountains again
Superb Lyrebird
my pod has a new skin

October, 2004

a jealous individual?
iPod everywhere
Andrew T. is our new switcher
election today
Christopher Reeve RIP
no internet
modem faulty
free iPod Remote Control and Earphone
I got bankrupted
I am connected again
Muslim woman threatens the court
No iTunes Music Store for Oz
Happy Birthday to Lazar

November, 2004

new music - Just Lose It
No better air sitting outside
the Antony show
another iPod ads style
The Lion King
the making of iPod motion ads
Antony has a camera and Photoshop Elements
Nothing Compares 2 U
people do anything in order to get into jail
Pokarekare Ana
speedos vs board shorts
Alexander the Great, Greeks not happy

December, 2004

sometimes, you can't buy a song
Do You Know It's Christmas?
PM: Not Christmas enough
Andrew has a blog
Two Macs, one iPod
AppleTalk Meet
Britney Spears - Toxic
short movie
Street Official mixtape, free songs
Back to the 80's
violent kids
Victoria Police refuses to apology
only with Apple's Pro Mouse

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