(Sun) 19 March, 2017

laundry day

My not so eventful day... laundry.

How I spent my day: embroidery, ironing, washing, ironing, washing, ironing, more washing, taking the loads for drying, back to more washing and more ironing, and washing.

Since my washing machine is rather small, after putting bedding covers, it's virtually full for anything else. So, there were three washing loads just for bedding. Then, there's a problem of drying. Since I don't have a dryer and I only have an airer for smaller items, drying bed covers and sheets can be a hassle, I decided to visit the nearby laundrette for drying service.

Instead of watching the washing machine washing, I did a number of ironings. I shall talk about my steam generator next time. So at end, I managed to do 5 loads of washing in one day. I had the laundrette dry 3 loads of washing for me, and the rest hanging on the airer.

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(Tue) 14 March, 2017

how cute


Saw this photo from Tumblr, which I believe was from Reddit.
It seems to me, the cat enjoyed his first visit at vet.

Rev Dr Wu Yi needs to get some felines.

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(Mon) 13 February, 2017

good riddance! honest obituary that fits

This is probably the best obituary ever!

After Leslie Ray Charping died at age 75, his family decided to run a brutally honest obituary eulogizing the “evil” late relative.

The family wrote that Charping “leaves behind two relieved children,” in addition to “countless other victims including an ex wife, relatives, friends, neighbors, doctors, nurses and random strangers.”

His death came at an age that was “29 years longer than expected and much longer than he deserved,” according to the obituary on the Carnes Funeral Home site.

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(Sun) 12 February, 2017

it's hot, very hot.

Don't you wish beautiful snow instead?

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(Mon) 30 January, 2017

so cute

I am sure this cute image will make Rev Dr Wu Yi wanting to have some felines.

Remember to tuck the cat in bed.

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(Sun) 8 January, 2017

donkeys are smart

Contrary to Rev Dr Wu Yi's limited knowledge, donkeys are very smart.

Here's the proof:

(click above video to play)

And donkeys can jump too.

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(Fri) 2 December, 2016

Manuel (Fawlty Towers) dies aged 86

Actor Andrew Sachs best known for his role Manuel has Fawlty Towers passed away. Sachs was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2012.

Last week, Florence Henderson, best known for her role Carol Brady in The Brady Bunch passed away at age 82.

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(Sat) 19 November, 2016

a new book

Perhaps this is the most expensive book I've ever purchased.

A 450-photo in 300-page book of 300x413mm (or 13x 16.3 in) weighing 5.23 kg (or 5.9 kg with beautiful package).
Designed by Apple in California

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