too cheap to give a credit

There’s a stamp people group in Sydney called Philas. Every 4 years, they run SSE expo, and this year, it changed its name to SSCE2019.

my design was on the right

I received a draft of logo in following four variation (shown on left). Which to my surprise, it was designed in Microsoft Excel. I don’t like them, and I spent time and recreated one (shown on right). I spent time to incorporate both stamp and coin clearly into the design. They took my design.

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Price hike in licence

Just received my new driver’s license (10 years version) and noticed a huge price hike compared to the one 10 years ago.

The old one I have (issued 10 years ago) was $83  (discounted for good driving record). And the new one (also 10 years version and also discounted price) is now $171.